If you are a parent or small business owner who is concerned on who is hogging all the bandwidth or need to limit access for your children then consider a Tomato Firmware Router. I use one at home and love it. Here are the highlights of what I can do with it:

  • Limit bandwidth per PC/Device by MAC or IP address
  • Monitor in detail bandwidth Graphics/Statistic in Real-time, daily, monthly
  • Access restrictions in time, website, program per PC/device (I can block access for my kids ipads so they can’t get on the internet between 9pm-8am example or block Facebook etc)
  • Disable wireless during times to prevent access and to prevent wireless waves at night time
  • Monitor websites visited and search items
  • Advanced QOS to prioritize traffic
  • Provide a GUEST wireless for guest access that can have limits
  • If combined with OpenDNS can provide greater website restrictions (block porn etc)

To get more details click here

In mid July 2015 Windows Server 2003 will end support from Microsoft. What does this mean? Well they will not produce any more security updates. Much like what Windows XP is now. If you have a Windows Server 2003 or SBS 2003 and need upgrading we can provide you this. We have migrated many servers already to 2008R2 or 2012. Also if your server is a 2003 server then more than likely its older than 7 years old and should be replaced with a new server. Servers are built to last a long time when they run 24/7 but nothing lasts forever. Maybe its time you upgrade your Server. Gives us a call or email and we would gladly help.

Well the new Windows 10 OS Consumer Preview will be available January 21 2015. Anyone interested in it should check it out.

There are great articles regarding Windows 10 at Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite

Windows 10 will be what Windows 8 should have been. People got pushed into Windows 8 new “Metro Interface” that no one likes. I use Windows 8.1 at home and I use Classic Shell to bring back the menu. Anyone who is on Windows 8 I recommend this if you don’t like how 8/8.1 looks right out of the box. What does Windows 10 do? It brings back the old style menu along with Windows 8 apps in the menu. Makes it much more friendly for people who are familiar with how Windows has been over the last 15 years.

When will Windows 10 be available? MS has not announced it yet but I suspect late summer or the normal October release of MS OS.


Here is an article by Paul Thurrott that describes the trouble MS has had with Windows 8 and hopefully Windows 9 gets it right.

Microsoft has added BIOS-based Product Keys with brand name computers. What does this mean? Well if you purchase a brand name PC that has Windows 8 installed then you don’t need to enter a key or activate it. BUT say your motherboard dies and you need to replace it out of warranty. You will then need to purchase a new Windows License. This is MS way of extra copy protection. Here is an article that describes it more in detail.


Office 2013 just came out along with Office 365. What is the difference? Office 365 gives you the Office suite and you can run the office in the cloud. With the 365 you have to pay per month or year compared to the standard Office 2013 but you can get a great deal if you have multiple PC’s to run from.

Check out the Pricing here.

Good article explaining why Microsoft took out the support to play DVD’s natively in Windows 8 and how to play the DVD’s and Blue-Rays in Windows 8

Play DVD’s in Windows 8

Great article from Paul Thurrott on Shut Down Metro-Style Apps

Welcome to the new website. I hope you like it.

Decided to change from the static web design to WordPress. Why? Well its much easier to setup, maintain and is very powerful.




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