If you are a parent or small business owner who is concerned on who is hogging all the bandwidth or need to limit access for your children then consider a Tomato Firmware Router. I use one at home and love it. Here are the highlights of what I can do with it:

  • Limit bandwidth per PC/Device by MAC or IP address
  • Monitor in detail bandwidth Graphics/Statistic in Real-time, daily, monthly
  • Access restrictions in time, website, program per PC/device (I can block access for my kids ipads so they can’t get on the internet between 9pm-8am example or block Facebook etc)
  • Disable wireless during times to prevent access and to prevent wireless waves at night time
  • Monitor websites visited and search items
  • Advanced QOS to prioritize traffic
  • Provide a GUEST wireless for guest access that can have limits
  • If combined with OpenDNS can provide greater website restrictions (block porn etc)

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