Windows 11 will be out soon. From what I have seen the difference between 11 and 10 is not a lot. There is a new start menu. You can still use OpenShell (at least what I have tested in beta) if you don’t like the menu. Personally I like Windows 11 menu over Windows 10. There are a few things under the hood. One being there will be capable of running Android apps. Also there is restrictions for the Home version that you must use a Windows account to login. For this reason I will be only selling PRO version when it comes. If you want to upgrade there are hardware requirements for 11 to properly run and get updates. You will need an Intel 8th gen CPU or greater (not sure on AMD CPUs) and your Motherboard must support TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module). This is more secure than previous versions. Basically if your PC is older than 5 years old you likely can’t upgrade. Do you need to upgrade? I don’t think so. From what I have read currently there are a bunch of bugs in it with speed etc. Also seems MS wants you to use Edge and the default browser and currently hard to change it fully to a different browser. Windows 10 ends support Oct 14 2025

CPU Shortage still

With Covid and high demand for computer parts (Especially high end graphic cards and most CPUs) I currently have limited supply. Intel i7K and have a few i5K coming in.

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