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Its been some time posting. Been busy early in the year. Slowing down now. Welcome any new clients. Both home and business. Can accommodate going to homes or business’s on my service days/times. Also can provide remote access to any Internet connected Windows PC/Laptop for remote support with reasonable pricing. Pay as per call rather then another subscription from other competitions.

Things are going well. We are still open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10-4 but usually I am open by 9:30am. Can be earlier if needed. Just notify before hand. Also can stay later. Normally here till 5pm. It all depends on service calls. Why I am closed normally Tuesday’s and Thursday’s is to provide service for my Home and Business clients. I can accommodate before 10 and after 4 everyday of the week. Depends on calls. Hence the standard hours. If its slow for service calls I am open Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I am normally open and at the store so please don’t hesitate to call, email or press the door bell if the door is locked. I will normally have it opened if I am here. Gladly will assist in any computer needs.

If you have an issue finding a parking spot close out front you can always park in the back. There is a spot close to the only door at the back of the store. The driveway is just north of the building. You can knock on the back door and I can let you in. Saves time and walking.

Any questions don’t hesitate to call  519-426-5020 or email info at

Thanks and take care,




Finally after 6 long months Colborne St is Open to the public. You can now drive and park on the street.

I am still open Monday Wednesday and Friday 10-4. I can be available Tuesday and Thursday if not busy with service calls.

Colborne St is almost completed construction. Should be done hopefully in a week or 2. I have updated prices. Including 16GB DDR4 RAM in all new PCs

Here is a chart that shows how fast hackers can crack your passwords in 2023. As you can see the longer the password and complexed the longer it takes to crack. I always recommend at least 12 characters complex (Upper lower case, number and !@#$%)

How I create my long passwords is by thinking of a phrase and use the first character of each word as your password but adding the numbers and !@#$% . I just have to remember the phrase. Easier then odd passwords.



Colborne St is under construction all summer long but I am still open. You can park on Robinson Street or in the parking lot between Colborne and Kent.

Currently still opened only Monday Wednesday and Friday’s 10-4. Tuesday and Thursday’s are my service days. I may be in the store these days. You can press the door bell and if I am here I will let you in. You can also call 519 426 5020 or email and can arrange for appointment on these days also.

I will be updating the website more often now. This will include pricing for PC’s/Laptops and Used PC’s and Laptops I can acquire.

Thank you,


Well CPUs are back in somewhat regular supplies. I have a few i5 and i7 currently in stock. Can get more. Most of every day items are in stock. Main issue is as always video cards. Can’t get any decent gaming cards. Just a few Quadro cards for CAD.

Still open only 3 days a week. Other days are service. Store can be closed on open days for emergency.


Well its mid February and COVID-19 is still around. going down in number now. Not sure when I will open to general public. Possible a few days in a week or so.

Because of the COVID there are a high demand for video cards that NVidia and AMD cannot keep up. I can’t even find decent video cards on Amazon. Here is an article explaining this.

I seem to be able to get CPUs but Motherboards also are in short supply and price’s going up with Intel Chipset issues. article

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year!

This is the last year Windows 7 will be supported by Microsoft so if you have not upgraded to Windows 10 you should. Much like Windows XP when Microsoft stops supporting its OS then 3rd party software will start to follow the same. Microsoft will stop support Jan 14th 2020 for Windows 7.

Well we have gotten a few Intel CPU’s in stock. i5 in 7th gen and 8th gen. The Intel CPUs are still sporadic in supply. Hopefully the supply will get better as the year goes by.


Here is the latest Intel Shortage article that specifies should be back in August. Still late. Still a reason Intel is down in sales!!

Microsoft introduced the latest Windows 10 1809 version earlier this month but had to remove it for issues of deleting files on some PCs when upgrading. Hopefully it will be out soon.


Microsoft has re-released the bug fixed (well most of the major bugs) 1809 version.

You can download the ISO here.

It has been a while posting on Halnor. Things have changed recently with Computer Hardware. Intel has started pushing 8th gen processors so we have changed our price lists to reflect. SSD (Solid State Drives) are coming down in prices and are getting faster and faster. We feel that SSD drives make the whole PC run much faster. From booting to loading large applications it makes the whole experience much better.

There are a few differences in the SSD. There is the standard SATA SSD which look like normal 2.5″ mobile drives that have a max speed of 580MB (R/W). This is the limitation to the SATA interface. The newer SSDs are in a M.2 format. They look like little cards that plug into the Motherboard. Only the newer Motherboards will have this as an option. All our boards now have this. There is also different speeds for M.2 controllers. These also reflect with different speeds of M.2 drives. Matching the correct Motherboard and Drive is beneficiary it getting the correct performance. Here are examples of Max speed with the type of M.2 drives.

WD Blue 1tB M.2 (560MB/s)

WD Black 500GB M.2 PCIe (2050MB/s)

WD Black 512GB M.2 NVMe (3400MB/s)



16 Colborne St. N.

Simcoe, ON

PHONE: 519-426-5020             new phone will ring to cell when not in store


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